Our History

Originally Opened In 1931

Jones Beach is a capstone achievement to the acclaimed park leader and urban designer Robert Moses. The project was intended to allow visitors pristine parkland with all of the best luxuries of the time: fine dining, swimming pools, and an extensive boardwalk. To this day, it is one of the metropolitan area’s finest beaches and is host to concerts, events, and countless memories.

The West Bathhouse was originally designed for bathers to use as changing rooms as well as provide a location for the Marine Dining Hall, a bar and restaurant for those who wanted a more upscale day at the beach. Moses himself handpicked the most expensive materials for its exterior – Ohio sandstone and Barbizon brick – as the facade for both East and West Bathhouses. They became iconic structures and functional facilities for beachgoers. The West Bathhouse also encompasses a massive stone terrace overlooking one of Jones Beach’s iconic swimming pools.

Today, the newly named “The Landing at Jones Beach”, has been meticulously restored to its original Art Deco Splendor. Pewter Chandeliers adorn each entrance evoking a bygone era. Magnificent terrazzo floors set the stage for that very first dance. The Landing is truly the perfect setting for your next special event!